SOURCE Magazine Summer 2022 July 2022 | Page 13

SOURCE | Summer 2022 11 in receiving and shipping grain at the branch , taking on the responsibilities that came with it . She became familiar and confident with branch operations , and really enjoyed how well the staff at her location worked together .
Other staff members at the Beeton branch were taking notice in Maggie . Former boss Bill Ruppert expands on Maggie ’ s amazing work attitude that made her stand out , saying , “ She always comes to work with a smile on her face , and her interactions with our customers are always positive . She isn ’ t afraid to roll up her sleeves to help shovel grain , unload and load trucks , and stay late when it ’ s needed during harvest .”
Little did Maggie know that her widespread experience at the branch made her the perfect candidate to become Plant Manager at the Beeton site . In early 2022 , the FS PARTNERS / Great Lakes Grain facility in Grand Valley embarked on a significant expansion . It became necessary to pull Plant Manager and mentor Bill Ruppert from Beeton to oversee its completion . Maggie climbed the ladder further , by becoming the official
FS PARTNERS Beeton Plant Manager in April of this year .
Bill Ruppert , having watched Maggie progress and grow confidence over the years , comments on her deserved accomplishments , saying , “ Maggie is such an awesome individual ! She deserves the recognition not because of her age or gender in a male-dominated industry , but rather because of her willingness to learn and allow herself to be pushed outside her comfort zone — not to mention her exceptional work ethic and attention to detail . She has been an
Maggie Pendleton , present day Plant Manager in Beeton
integral part of the Beeton transformation and is a true leader .”
It ’ s obvious in her body language and comments that Maggie found her groove . She has evidently found her place in the FS System , and she thanks her mentors while stating , “ I can ’ t believe where I am today , five years later . I am very thankful today that these two [ as she indicates towards Bill Ruppert and Devin Homick ] saw skills in me that I couldn ’ t see . At some point in my future , I would love to do that for someone else !”
Maggie ’ s story sends an inspiring message to other young individuals who are looking to be involved in the agriculture industry . Bill highlights this message through his own words of wisdom that are directed towards future industry leaders :
“ It doesn ’ t matter how young or old you are . If you have the willingness to learn and grow , there is all kinds of potential in this industry .
Ask questions . Push yourself . Don ’ t let fear of the unknown limit your success !”