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The SEEDWAY team and others at a large greenhouse in Mexico .
Jason Burchett ( second from right ) and Mario Perches ( far left ) with some friends at the Hot Pepper Congress in Leon Mexico in May 2021 .
Perches . “ Mr . Lucky is a premier operation that is one of our customers . They have some organic operations that are on par with some of the best in California and Florida , using precision leveling for water management , auto steer autonomy in equipment , and some of the best tools in artificial intelligence .”
Perches says the crops grown in Texas and Mexico are similar with onions , watermelons , squash , tomatoes , and cotton being the most popular . He says high tech greenhouses are also growing in popularity among growers in Mexico , which helps increase production of cucumbers , Roma tomatoes , and bell peppers .
“ We ’ re a complementary country in the products going to the U . S . and Canada ,” he says . “ Mexico has two growing seasons , one in the summer and then one in late fall into the winter , which helps keeps grocery stores stocked through the colder months up north .”
Perches says sees huge growth opportunities in the state of Sonora just across from Arizona , especially in the watermelon business .
“ There ’ s tens of thousands of acres of watermelon and our goal is to have Cracker Jack on those acres ,” adds Perches .
With the hope that more Cracker Jack seeds will be finding their way into the ground across Mexico and the southern U . S .
“ You definitely want to select a catchy name to get people ’ s attention and that they won ’ t forget ,” says Burchett . “ It has the perfect name , and ideal qualities .”