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I absolutely love it . It ’ s a lot of work but rewarding and I couldn ’ t do it without the team at Melbourne .

– Rachael McAnulty , New Century FS Applicator

“ She had zero experience , but I said , ‘ you ’ re going to be fine – just jump in the seat and we ’ ll support you ,’” adds Green . “ Even I learn something every day and I ’ ve been running it for years .”
And with that , McAnulty was off and running .
“ It definitely got crazy with the long hours in the spring ,” she says . “ But it ’ s so rewarding when you hear feedback from customers . No doubt it can be exhausting but the team is incredible with communication and support . And everybody is on board with the team atmosphere , so it really is no person left behind .”
Hilleman says New Century FS employs about 70 applicators across the company and it can be a challenge to keep fully staffed , especially when there is a labor shortage .
“ That ’ s why it ’ s huge when you can grow talent from within like Rachael ,” he adds .
Green adds that he believes her curiosity will help propel her career even further .
“ If you don ’ t push yourself to learn something , you ’ re just getting stale ,” he says . “ I always have numbers running through my head and we ’ ve got the iPads with the SKY Dispatch program running to get everything coordinated . It ’ s really about thinking about what ’ s coming ahead to serve our customers best .”
For McAnulty , she hopes this is just the beginning of a long tenure with New Century FS .
“ I absolutely love it ,” she says . “ It ’ s a lot of work but rewarding and I couldn ’ t do it without the team at Melbourne . My goal is to help farmers in the area really fulfill their potential and I can see myself staying with this company for the long term .”