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A Typical Day Is the Exception The expectation is to start the day by reviewing the project board , planning what farms need attention from Laurel ’ s three John Deere spreaders , and getting them rolling . Then liquid loads get scheduled and adjusted , with time for multiple other tasks tackled along the way .
The day I spoke with Eric was anything but typical . The night before , a devastating hailstorm rolled through the area , wiping out acres of newly planted crops . Over 35 acres of watermelons would need to be replanted , with many more acres of corn destroyed . It is mid- May , and the corn has only been in the ground for a month . The plots cannot simply be replanted with soybeans or an alternative since the ground has already been treated for corn . Growers who initially sourced their preferred seed varieties will have to replant with other limited seed options available in midseason .
straight out through the Independence Day holiday before transitioning to deliveries and preparing for fall cover crop season and spreading services . And that is all keeping the Laurel team hopping busy .
GROWMARK System Support Makes the Difference
Eric emphasizes that the GROWMARK System has helped tremendously in his daily work as well as his career development . There are plenty of
opportunities to learn from those who have experience to share , and a network to call upon with questions and for guidance . He specifically thanks Mike Pochop as his biggest mentor .
“ Mike always has my back and has been willing to teach me . I appreciate that and our team camaraderie . At GROWMARK FS , I am happy for a career where I can look forward to a future . Every day is different , and I learn something new every day .”
Here ’ s when Eric can call upon his network of GROWMARK System support . First thing in the morning he is already working Agvance to source available seed and collaborating with the Milford ( DE ) location manager Matt Ivory to get the chemicals needed for a replant .
“ Matt is a huge asset to our Delmarva region ,” Eric says . “ He is very knowledgeable and helps me get exactly the products my growers need .”
Codorus removing the old liquid tank and installing a replacement
The current input market presents more challenges . The team tries to not talk prices with customers but instead focuses on availability and service .
“ Input costs have mostly doubled , and I feel bad for farmers ,” says Eric . “ It has been the toughest year I ’ ve had as far as pricing and getting product . But we are always figuring out new and old-school methods or alternatives to offer our customers solutions .”
Going into this year , many expected to cut back on purchases in response to rising prices . So far , that dip hasn ’ t been significant . Wherever prices land , crops still need the proper nutrients to grow and boost yields . With that trend in mind , the Delmarva teams expect to be working