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SOURCE | Summer 2022 29 storage tank for distribution at a later date .”
The 100,000-square-foot facility produces 269 independent blends , 591 individual products , and over 3,400 individual stock-keeping units . To ensure each product is meeting the needs of the consumer , they offer three branded lubricants : FS , United , and Archer . Other services include FS LubeAdvisor , specialty blends , and technical references on lubricants .
“ We ’ ve established really strong relationships with our suppliers and have made strategic decisions during the supply chain constrictions that have helped us maintain product availability for our member companies ,” Rarig adds . “ It ’ s a daily communication process to learn what is happening today , but more importantly what is happening in a week , or a month .”
The facility is the only one of its kind in the System and has made quite the impression on the member companies they serve . Their ability to fill demand has gained praise from their customers .
“ I recommend FS , Archer or United lubricants to our customers because of their consistent quality . All our lubricants come from the Council Bluffs location that is ISO 9001 Certified ,” says Becky Hornblower , energy marketing specialist at Gold Star FS in Cambridge , Illinois . “ The majority of our products are not just blended to meet industry and original equipment manufacturer ( OEM ) specifications ; they are formulated to go above and beyond what is required . For customers , that means better protection and performance with increased savings .” foot in the door at some companies . Lubricants , along with our other products , makes us more of a onestop-shop for the end-user , you can call FS for everything you need ,” says Chuck Anderson , lubricants manager with Conserv FS . “ We have a full line of transportation , industrial , and synthetic lubricants . If for some reason it isn ’ t carried under the FS label , we can get it under the United or the Archer label .”
Anderson has been with FS for 51 years . He shares his appreciation for the commitment the Lubricants Manufacturing Facility puts forth to ensure their customers are being supplied with the products they need .
“ Thanks to GROWMARK and their conservative attitude , accompanied by their solid relationships with their suppliers , Conserv FS has not had any supply chain issues ,” he says . “ The Council Bluffs facility has done a tremendous job securing product while working their tails off to ensure the demand is being met . We are very appreciative of the individuals who continually ensure our needs are being met .”
Striving to meet the needs of their customers is not just an aspiration but a reality that the team at GROWMARK ’ s Lubricant Manufacturing Facility reaches daily .
“ The main goal of our facility is to provide premium lubricants to our cooperative system ,” Rarig says . “ Our ability to supply our customers has always been the most critical aspect of our business .”
It ’ s one thing to talk about data , but it ’ s another thing to show proven results , which is what GROWMARK strives to do with their research . Sharing their findings builds a trusting relationship and allows piece of mind with customers .
“ Selling lubricants has improved our business and helped us get our