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Message from our CEO Mark Orr

The Many Ways GROWMARK / FS is Feeding the World

Coming from the agronomy side of the GROWMARK System , it ’ s important to appreciate the broad acre crops that bring in revenue for many of our farmer customers . Certainly corn , soybeans , and wheat play a critical role in the world ’ s food system . Yet as I ’ ve travelled through the different regions over the last month , meeting with many of our System representatives and customers throughout North America , I have truly grown to appreciate the incredible variety of food this System helps to grow and distribute .
From cranberry bogs in Wisconsin to peach trees in the south , FS companies make it their mission to cater solutions to the specific crops customers are growing in each region . Out east , GROWMARK FS Mid-Atlantic is helping growers in those states thrive in everything from apples and cucumbers to niche dairy operations .
In this issue , you ’ ll learn more about a specific variety of watermelons being grown in Mexico with a SEEDWAY exclusive product that is skyrocketing in popularity among consumers . You ’ ll also find a story on the next few pages about a member of GROWMARK ’ s Board of Directors who has a legacy asparagus operation that feeds consumers across Ontario and beyond . I visited him just a few weeks ago , and you wouldn ’ t believe how quickly this stuff grows !
And these are just a few examples of the wide variety of crops that are grown by our customers across North America . It really is inspiring to see how growers work to become more efficient and sustainable each year , while perfecting their yields , all in order to feed the growing world around us . I truly appreciate how each of you works to positively impact customers in our day-to-day operations . It takes a team effort and one we can all be proud of .