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effort . There are eight employees at the Wataga plant , and they all play a part in making sure customer service is a top priority .
“ It ’ s critical to me to have a good yielder , plus a good plant ,” Pat said . “ It makes so much difference when the stalks are standing well at harvest .”
InVISION varieties took top spots in several plots last fall , which only increased Hall ’ s confidence and excitement . The data collected helps him make recommendations to growers for their 2023 seed plans .
“ We made our plans for next year , and we didn ’ t just talk number of bags , we
put specific varieties down for every acre ,” Bob said . “ We ’ re looking at the potential , and Brandon provides invaluable insight because he knows our farms so well .”
“ We consider our whole farm a test plot ,” Pat added . “ We ’ re trying to find the best way , and access to the tools and information Brandon and FS bring to us is critical .”
Hall is quick to share that success stories like this come as the result of a team
“ Brandon makes sure everyone knows we ’ re customers , not just orders ,” Bob said . “ The whole team treats us that way , because they understand we could go somewhere else . Service like that is hard to find these days , and so rewarding . “
Hall also appreciates the education and support he receives from Carty Allaman , GROWMARK Field Sales Agronomist , and fellow West Central FS crop specialist Mark Myers — who often leads the region in InVISION seed sales — and many other mentors throughout the GROWMARK System .
“ Being around them just lights a fire in my belly ,” he said . “ It makes me excited for what I get to do every day and gives me confidence in the products we have to offer .”