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Embrun Co-op has a high concentration of dairy farmer customers , so crops in the area generally consist of corn silage , grain corn and soybeans . The region generally sees less wheat than the rest of Ontario .
With JP Ballot keeping a close eye on the crops that cross the scales , Embrun maintains high standards for quality .
“ We are fortunate that in eastern Ontario , we don ’ t typically see the same concerns as our members to the west with vomitoxin or other issues . This has been a great year for our producers ’ yields , and we are excited that they chose to bring their harvest to us .”
Patrick Therrien is the Chief Executive Officer and the Grain Elevator Division Manager . He comments : “ Joining forces with GLG and its partners was beneficial to our members . While our main goal is to bring added value to the products and services we already offer , we also work closely with GLG and its team to grow our grain business in Eastern Ontario . “
Operations Manager Jean Philippe “ JP ” Ballot
JOE FRESH is a trademark owned by Loblaws Inc . Country Style is a division of MTY Franchising Inc . RONA is a trademark and brand of Rona , Inc .
Allie Gasser , Communications and Marketing Officer