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“ We plan to hire one student apprentice to start and ultimately hope to have one student working in each of our three counties ,” Martins stated .
In addition to agronomy , Three Rivers has started the process to obtain approval from the state for an energy-based apprenticeship as well .
“ Ultimately we would like this program to help us begin to grow our own employees instead of having to go out and chase them ,” added Martins .
When I asked Grove , Felderman , and Martins about their goal for the program , all three agreed that the benefits of this apprenticeship program will not only help Three Rivers FS but also students , the community , and the GROWMARK System .
“ This program will help bridge the gap for students to help them see that there is an opportunity for a career in agriculture in Delaware County and makes what they are learning in the classroom more meaningful ,” Felderman said .
“ We hope that students find the work interesting and see themselves growing a career with Three Rivers FS ,” Grove added .
Summarizing his goal for the apprenticeship program , Martins stated , “ This program should begin to provide us with a pipeline of students that want to join the GROWMARK System . Even if they don ’ t stay with Three Rivers FS , they may be a great fit for another FS company and benefit our System overall .”
A registered apprenticeship program is one creative solution to the multipronged challenge of recruiting for our System that may have long-lasting benefits . Ending my conversation with Felderman , he emphasized his belief that the partnership West Delaware County School District and Three Rivers FS has built can be replicated at any FS with their local community .
“ A little collaboration and a little bit of time to make a partnership like this happen are far outweighed by the amazing benefits to students , community , and the businesses that result .”
Ann Grove , human resources manager
Craig Martins , agronomy sales & operations manager

We hope that students find the work interesting and see themselves growing a career with Three Rivers FS .

– Ann Grove , human resources manager , Three Rivers FS