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“ This is a specific point in history when we have the opportunity to live out our noble purpose ‘ to help feed and fuel the world ’”
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The GROWMARK Foundation Works to Provide Relief for Ukraine

“ This is a specific point in history when we have the opportunity to live out our noble purpose ‘ to help feed and fuel the world ’”

Karen Jones , Youth and Young Producer Specialist kjones @ growmark . com
On February 24 , 2022 , Russian troops invaded Ukraine , setting off a war that has brought ripple effects to the world ’ s economy , especially agriculture .
Ukraine , along with the United States and Brazil , is among the top three countries with an ideal climate for growing grain . While many Ukrainian farmers have vowed to plant their crops as usual , the challenges of doing so in a war zone are nearly unimaginable .
Russia is the world ’ s largest exporter of fertilizer and a key player in energy exports as well . Sanctions against the country are already affecting price and availability of key inputs in the global agricultural economy .
Even more devastating than the economic impact of the war is the fact that millions of Ukrainians have fled , pouring into neighboring countries for safety , often with just the belongings they can carry . Large-scale humanitarian efforts are underway to provide food , shelter , and clothing , and one of the organizations assisting is the Midwest Food Bank .
While based in Normal , Illinois , Midwest Food Bank has partnerships across the globe to provide food relief in times of disaster through its Tender Mercies program . Tender Mercies are high-protein , shelf-stable food packets that can be prepared using only boiling water , making them ideal for people who may not have access to normal cooking facilities . To aid in Ukraine relief , Midwest Food Bank has partnered with Convoy of Hope , which is working on the ground in Ukraine and nearby countries to distribute food and other supplies to those who need them most .
“ Midwest Food Bank is honored to partner with Convoy of Hope to provide food for Ukrainian refugees ,” said Jada Hoerr , Midwest Food Bank Chief Resource Officer . “ Together , we are able to provide nutritious meals for the displaced Ukrainians in Romania and other parts of Europe .”
As an agricultural cooperative , GROWMARK adheres to the seven cooperative principles , one of which is Concern for Community – a duty to seek out needs and do what is possible to fulfill them . Because of this , the GROWMARK Foundation has partnered with Midwest Food Bank to provide Relief to Ukraine .